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  1. I was gonna post this in one of the Over The Rhine threads but I figured the Cowboy Junkies thread needs to be bumped. CJ are the ones hosting this thing anyway. If you have an extra $2500 in your pocket here's a unique vacation idea:
  2. From the BPSML Web site:
  3. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    Mosaic Track List: Breathing Bull / Winter Shaker / Swedish Purse / Twig / Whistling Girl / Elktooth / Bible And Bird / Dirty Blue / Slota Prow-Full Armour / Truly Golden / Deerskin Doll / Little Raven Listen to sound clips This is old news that pertains to some of the new songs:
  4. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    Mosaic release dates and summer tour dates.
  5. Except for one or two songs I thought Omnipop was terrible, otherwise I'd agree with this.
  6. PrivateStorm

    Sam Phillips

    Sam will be on the May 9 season finale of Gilmore Girls, along with Sonic Youth, Joe Pernice, Sparks, Yo La Tengo, Grant Lee Phillips.
  7. I'll second this recommendation. For a limited time you can listen to the full album at AOL Music.
  8. These are Illinois outtakes so I guess technically they are already over a year old. I like how the artwork playfully makes fun of the whole Superman controversy. Listen to a clip of "Adlai Stevenson" here. That song will also be on an upcoming singer/songwriter compilation to be released by Kill Rock Stars.
  9. I think it would be a shame to keep (what is probably) some really great music from the masses and then tease us about its existence. I don't know enough about Sub Pop to have an opinion about them either way. Especially since one of them has his own label.
  10. Last week I was tipped off about this posting that suggested an interesting Denison/Rosie interview on Pitchfork was forthcoming. Then this morning I heard from a reliable source that the baby thing is indeed a joke, although it's not clear whether Denison & Rosie fooled Pitchfork or if Pitchfork is in on the joke. Considering how over the top the news article is my guess is that Pitchfork is in on it. Perhaps everyone should turn the joke back on Rosie and throw some diapers up on stage during her upcoming shows? I really hope that this part does not come true:
  11. Leigh has recently added a new song ("trains, boats and planes") to her myspace page and allows you to download it. I don't like it nearly as much as some of her other demos but it is still nice. On her web site there is a message stating that the album will be out in the summer on her own One Son Records label.
  12. Denison Witmer recently did some recording with Rosie & Sufjan:
  13. I recall some interview or press release mentioning that DEE was writing for a new album, so here's hoping, anyway. That's one of the least "official" entries on my list, though, so I'm not holding my breath. Woven Hand will have an album out this year titled Mosaic. It won't be released until the end of summer at the earliest, although a release date has not yet been determined.
  14. He's the one that took the photos and according to the review on his blog it sounds like he filmed some of the footage that was used in the movie. He probably has contact info on his myspace page or on his web site.
  15. Photos from the Q&A At some point the recording of the Q&A will be available on NYUFF's site.
  16. Tom Eaton has recently completed a new 3-minute cartoon called Illusion Profusion which features the voice of Rosie Thomas. While you are on his site be sure to check out Thinking Cap World, one of his previous cartoons, which features the voice of Sufjan Stevens and the music of Bob Wiseman.
  17. From what I understand they usually record at home ("all around the house, in the attic, the dining room and in the basement among drying laundry") whenever they have time so the term "in the studio" may not have as much significance as a lot of people assume. Birds press release: According to Badman the rumor that Sufjan Stevens remastered Birds of my Neighborhood is untrue. Also, "The re-issue was remastered and features some different artwork than the original and is beautifully coated in matte varnish."
  18. If this is more suited for another forum (theater & dance, religion ?) one of the moderators can move it.
  19. Leigh In December 2005 Issue of CCM - some info about her solo album.
  20. OTR and Neko Case on the same bill. 8O Wish I lived closer to TX.
  21. DVD release dates: Jan 30 Plexifilm UK & Europe Mar 14 Image Entertainment North America
  22. Sneak Preview San Francisco Independent Film Festival February 4, 2006 Women
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