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  1. You can listen to the entire album at Myspace.
  2. Another Sufjan appearance (although by listening to this disc you would never know he was on it): The full-length, self-titled debut of Norwegian band Serena Maneesh features a guest appearance by Sufjan Stevens. Serena Maneesh's sound is reminiscent of shoegazing/noise-pop predecessors The Jesus & Mary Chain, Lush, and others. Sufjan is credited with playing flute and marimba. (read the full story here)
  3. Various Artists Dream Brother
  4. Yes, they sound alike. In high school I knew a guy that was a major DM fan that pointed out to me the differences in their vocals - Martin's voice is a little higher and he has more vibrato. Now that I know it's pretty easy to pick out which songs feature Martin. This site has a list of DM songs (up to Ultra) on which Martin sings the lead vocal.
  5. Dave Gahan is the main lead singer but Martin usually sings lead on 1-2 songs per album. Martin also has released a solo album and ep.
  6. PrivateStorm

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry has a song on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants soundtrack.
  7. I think Martin writes most of the songs. But Dave (the lead singer) actually did try to kill himself at one point IIRC.
  8. The songs are only demos since the album hasn't been recorded yet. Here is what Leigh wrote to the Sixpence Yahoo Group: Maybe all of you already know this, but Pierre Marchand is best known as Sarah McLachlan's producer.
  9. You can listen Ben Harper and Sufjan Stevens' tracks here.
  10. Has anyone else heard the original version of "Shadows" by the innocence mission? Believe it or not but Amy Grant's version is better.
  11. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    I don't think Soundsfamilyre has any type of digital distribution (if that's what it's called?) but I'll double-check. Update: Soundsfamilyre is "currently shopping for/considering options for digital distribution".
  12. Since Sufjan's official site and his label's sites are rarely (if ever) updated, a bunch of fans got together to start the All Good Naysayers Forum
  13. The Militia Group has just added an Are You A Dreamer e-card that includes sound clips for all of the songs.
  14. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    Go to this page and choose your location.
  15. Some additional notes: 7. Wayfaring Stranger - David Eugene Edwards Recorded live in silver birch woods, Louisiana. 9. Black Soul Choir - Sixteen Horsepower This is actually the live version from Hoarse and not the version from Sackcloth 'n' Ashes as indicated in the liner notes. The Players 'Sixteen Horsepower performed two great songs that unfortunately didn't survive the brutal editing process, for reasons that were entirely our fault. This was a great disappointment, as their Southern Gothic Hungarian Hillbilly Grunge Blues music is unique and sublime. They'll be on the DVD. David Eugene Edwards' solo songs were spine-tingling, echoing through the woods. He looks and sounds like something that stumbled out of a Cormac McCarthy novel.' Photos from the film Updated list of theaters and corresponding shows by Jim White
  16. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    This is a homemade item available only at shows. Only about 30 copies were made. Perhaps if there is enough interest in a commercial release of a 5.1 version they will put it into consideration? I will ask about it.
  17. Check at Borders. I got one there earlier today.
  18. I haven't downloaded them yet, but iTunes has 2 Illinois bonus tracks: Chicago (To String Remix by Jongalloway) 5:31 The Avalanche 3:17
  19. Sufjan on Spinning On Air, Friday, July 1, 2005 They usually archive the shows. This particular show is not yet up, just pictures for now. Sufjan also appears on the upcoming Denison Witmer release.
  20. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    Thanks for the tip. Added Woven Hand tour dates to the calendar. Woven Hand/David Eugene Edwards fans might want to check out the film/soundtrack Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (featuring David/16 Horsepower) which I posted about here.
  21. I just posted information about both the film and the soundtrack in the music forum.
  22. Here is information for both the film Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus and the soundtrack, collected from various official sources. The film has been playing in Europe for some time but it is now being released in North America. The film soundtrack, Jim White Presents Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, was released worldwide on June 7 by Luaka Bop. FILM INFORMATION SEARCHING FOR THE WRONG-EYED JESUS A film by Andrew Douglas Produced by Martin Rosenbaum for BBC ARENA UK/USA | 2003 | 86 minutes Synopsis: In this magnificent cinematic film, the acclaimed Alternative Country artist Jim White takes us on an entrancing journey into the heart of the culture of the southern USA, a culture too poor and marginalized to register as important yet extraordinarily rich in creative spirit. In the classic road movie genre, Jim in his battered old car - complete with a concrete Jesus statue bought from a wrecker's junkyard - probes the 'Ulan Bator' of America, as he calls it, from the backwater swamps to the backwood mountains, searching for the wellspring of the culture of the South, bringing viewers along for the ride. This journey is a chain of Southern Stories, each told in various forms and filmed on location. Featuring live performances by White and other stars of the new Alternative Country scene, including The Handsome Family, Johnny Dowd, David Johansen, 16 Horsepower, and mesmerizing Southern preachers as well as funny, gritty, profound stories from celebrated Southern writer Harry Crews. Jim White's own story threads through the film, tracing his search for the meaning of faith in the modern world in the haunting atmosphere of the South: still a remarkably fertile territory for an artist. Or as Jim White puts it, he's "looking for the gold tooth in God's crooked smile". -- Films Transit International FILM OPENING Here are the opening towns and dates for the Andrew Douglas film Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. *Jim White will do a short performance before at least one of the showings. In larger cities the movie will play for a week or more. Jim will also do club shows in the cities with his movie performance. Jul-13-05 New York NY Waverly Theater* Jul-22-05 Albuquerque NM Guild Theater Jul-28-05 San Francisco CA Balboa Theater* Jul-29-05 Los Angeles CA Fairfax Theater* (31st) Jul-29-05 Minneapolis MN Bell Aud.-Minn. Film Arts Jul-29-05 Nashville TN Belcourt Theater Aug-5-05 Orlando FL Downtown Media Arts Aug-5-05 San Luis Obispo CA Palm Theater Aug-5-05 Buckhannon WV Lascaux Micro-Theater Aug-12-05 Seattle WA Northwest Film Forum* Aug-19-05 Santa Fe NM The Screen Aug-26-05 Waterville ME Railroad Sq. Cinema FILM DISTRIBUTION Shadow Distribution is currently distributing the film in North America. The film will be released on DVD in North America early in 2006 by Home Vision Entertainment and will incorporate some of the wonderful material that didn't make it into the final film. DVD releases in other territories are currently being negotiated. SOUNDTRACK Tracklist: 1. Stories - Harry Crews 2. Still Waters - Jim White 3. My Sister
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