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  1. Only within the context of a socio-economic system, which is discovered by artists and economists.
  2. But are they preparing our children to become economists or high Modernist artists, so that they can change the world with their actions? Doesn't really matter how much you care, or how hard you work, if you aren't producing the people who are ready for this, or are ready to strive for it.
  3. Art which possesses neither public responsibility, nor aesthetic originality, is a very humble form of art. While for much of history, the concept of art did not yet exist, it is clear that there were works of art being produced. It may even be said that art came naturally to the rhapsodes who were later collectively referred to as Homer, when (initially) composing the lyrical interludes of the Iliad, and later making the whole poem lyrical. But these works necessarily laid emphasis on the side of themselves which were τέχνη, until the event of early Romanticism, as defined by Hamann and Herde
  4. What is education today? A huge pile of shit.
  5. There are things which are absolutely non-art and there are things which are absolutely art. That being said, art is a transmogrifying concept, which cannot be accurately defined, only spuriously created and appreciated.
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