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  1. We live in a real world of greed, lust, no love, suffering for generations. Film makers for decades have shaped culture, Truly can with God's guidance turn this world around, Tell a parable in film structure, repeat it often, the good guy wins story. The Samaritans purse story.and so many more. Don't preach, tell a luring story, create adventure, keep people on the edge of there seat. Make the bad guy disgusting, make the good guy a prince charming. We can end homelessness, weird trends, when we get there first, turn ashes to beauty, show healthy living as wonderful, being not extravagant. We can address all 7 mountains with prayer, with God's guidance. Get God as centerfold in our experiences, not throw Him at people. make them yearn for the experience. Where we are today has come about through entertainment, media, advertising. make up a world where kindness prevails. where illness is not the norm, where families are together. children obey parents, parents provide. 7 mountain culture, is real, we need to show it not hide it. Darlene East
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