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    Are there any particular people that inspired you or that you imitated until you eventually found your own footing?
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    Thank you for the kind responses.
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    Thanks Ken and Andrew for the great responses!I will look into it. Last thing:i suppose it takes a mighty long time to find one's footing and "distinct" voice?I've always been interested in writing;stapling structure(prose)and content(analysis)in the presence of who i am(views,beliefs,traits) is what frustrates me most of the time because ...don't laugh hahaha..I've always envisioned myself that way and just opening my own world in the art of film. On a bad day,i just feel like such beauty is unattainable and that it is beyond my range/brain capacity/intellectual capabilities. I do think as i fall more and more into film I'll be a mixer of writing styles as i find that more fun and more to me;i find the "sophisticated-flowery-dense" and "straight-drained-simple" styles too unfulfilling as wholly seperate styles and maybe sometimes one might not really dissect the film because they're too busy attaching and serving themselves to it;all rookie mistakes of course ahahaha.Finding "film-identity(one's own takes,feelings,thoughts)" seems the hardest obstacle.
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    Greetings.I am Byron,a 19 year old gradually slipping into cinema.Your writing,intelligence,and analysis is not only awesome and admirable,but inspirational.I only began to take films seriously about a year ago,understanding that it was much more than the blockbusters I had been mainly exposed to(not throwing them under the bus,just saying they did not build my curiosity enough to want to dive deeper into the seventh art they were coming from).Now,as a infant slowly falling down the rabbit hole,I find that I am having trouble understanding it fully.I find that I can sometimes appreciate the mise en sene,cinematography,editing,sound,acting,plot,and themes of a film,but after watching 'La Notte",I found myself lost,inarticulate,and grabbing for straws-looking for a way to 'get it'-which sometimes puts me off from watching 'art' films,as I feel like I am wasting my time watching,having to read online on the film after watching it,an act of labor sometimes. Inarticulation and understanding are my two major issues; 1. Inarticulation-I find it difficult to bring aspects of a film together.I find that I mostly appreciate one aspect while ignoring others.I do not want to be a film critic,I just want to be able to fully express my thoughts and feelings about film and bring all aspects of film into those thoughts and feelings. 2.Understanding-I never read reviews of films before watching them.I always want to go in fresh and then attempt to construct my own understanding of the film.When I watched 'La Notte' and other 'art' films,I was a bit clueless,feeling like I missed something.This then affects my 'film-esteem',making me feel automatically inept when analyzing a film,and blowing my mind when I read the intelligent,articulate,detailed and well-constructed analyses of others. Should I read other readings of the films after watching for better understanding(which sometimes makes me feel like a copy,not having my own),or read before to at least have a base to step when watching the film? What are the baby steps to be taken to be able to express and observe a film,forming understandings and analyses in the process? In short,I would love your assistance and advice in deepening and widening my growing love for cinema,specifically my articulation and understanding of films.It would be greatly appreciated,and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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