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    Creative Arts, current affairs, health and social sciences criminology and Religious and Ethics having fun with friends and family -horse racing cricket and foot ball and tennis,.

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    Reading Central Club my home town I do love other artist such as

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  1. This virus is deadly we must fight and pray against it. Yes we will join the fight for humanity in what ever way we can . Social distance and isolation mean we stay at home and FIGHT AS BEST WE CAN FOR OUR COMMUNITIES AND COUNTRIES TOGETHER AS WE PRAY FOR THE BEST OUTCOME ALL ROUND. In a few months we will be over all of this and be grateful for the Lock Down looking after ourselves and each other. Our bodies would have been challenged and our minds against this Virus the living standard improved and working legislation for new working from homes in our on lines offices linking up with the big companies for some of or staff members at home. Transformation and Change worth the times of 2020 and the future for our next generation . Life is ahead of us as we fight against this Covid virus 19 cleansing our systems and our homes and office working world as we comply with Government Legislation all over our countries the Future is ahead of us.
  2. Being a free lance writer and with one book already on Amazon, I am now working on second book. Hopefully I will to write for a film movie maker if it was possible. In dark times of Cornuvus 19 all over our countries . Lock down does not mean shut down we move on and support each other in different ways the best way love peace and wisdom.
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