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  1. Hi, Creuk Radio is announcing a contest. The object is to warp the Creuk Radio Logo. The winning contestants logo will be featured on a T-shirt available on the Creuk Radio website. Contest ends April 15th 2009. Grab the logo here http://www.creukradio.org/radio/image0072.jpg Send finished entries to aaroncavanaugh2radio..at..yahoo.com Have Fun. God Bless. Aaron Website Administrator - Creuk Radio
  2. Hi, I posted a short review here. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809425617/info Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  3. Hi, After seeing I am Legend. I think that Children of men was better. Children of Men was original and that scores big points with me. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  4. Hi Kyle, No. Although some of the people were involved with Tomfest, and are now a part of Xfest NW, in one way or another this is not affiliated with Tomfest. Tomfest still does a festival actually at a different location now. The originators of Xfest NW took over the lease for the fairgrounds on Labor Day about four years ago and have been throwing Xfest each year. This is the 4th year of Xfest NW. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  5. Hi, This may be a double post but hopefully someone will be interested. Name: Xfest NW Christian Music Festival Phone Number: n/a Email: info@xfestnw.org Event Date: Labor Day Weekend Event Time: Sat. and Sun. Event Location (venue): Skamania County Fairgrounds Venue Address: 650 Rock Creek Drive Stevenson WA Venue Phone: n/a Venue/Event Website: www.xfestnw.org Ticket Price: $20 Where can tickets be purchased? online and at the gate Directions to your event from a major interstate: From Portland, take I-84 to the "Bridge of the Gods" (exit 44) a toll bridge which costs $1 to cross (both ways). Take a right at Highway 14 on the Washington State side and drive for about 1 mile. Take a left at the historic site marker. Drive another mile you'll see camping on the right hand side. Comments/Anything else you'd like us to post: Xfest NW is showcase for Northwest bands that are less commercial Christian artists. The purpose is to be a community oriented festival for local bands. Camping, Skatepark, Coffee shop, kids playground, 3 total stages. Genres include acoustic, hiphop, punk, hard rock, electronica and more. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron. Webmaster - Xfestnw.org
  6. Hi, Here's the letter I got from Lloyd. The band booker for Xfest www.xfestnw.org This is a music fest but I think it would be great to start a Flickerings type of movie event. There are enough indoor areas to host such an event. hey aaron, happy new year! i hope things are going good for you. we're still planning on doing the fest...same place, same time...more people! you can email me at waverider2@hotmail.com good to hear from you! lloyd If you want to email him he will tell you where to submit a demo. Come and camp with us for labor day weekend at this all Christian underground festival. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  7. I just wish I could dowload these movies like TBN is allowing their visitors to do. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  8. Hi, Currently reading: Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film, And Culture (Paperback) by Spencer Lewerenz (Editor), Barbara Nicolosi (Editor) Highly recommended about Christainity in secularist Hollywood. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  9. Hi, Ditto. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  10. Hi, The only movies I can think of with pastors in them is. The tune of nostalgia by Joseph Hovespian and Final SOlution by Cristobal Krusen Also maybe check out man dancin' a UK film. I almost forgot check out the damah film festival dvds they are short films dealing with religous experiences. THe Gospel opens October 7th in theaters. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration there. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  11. Hi, Faithful City ---- Isaiah 1:26 You remember that movie about how it was illegal to read books. They should make a futuristic movie how it is illegal to worship Jesus. (At least it would be an intersting idea for a movie) Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
  12. Hi, I nominate. Final Solution and Tune of Nostalgia Thanks. God Bless. Aaron.
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