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    There will be blood, Kenneth Branaghs Hamlet, Pan's labyrinth, letter's from iwo jima, hacksaw ridge, silence, God's not dead 1 to 3, the ten commandments, Noah, anything Disney from snow white to jungle book, Tarzan, the lion king, the princess and the frog, ratatouille, brave, inside out, Friday the 13th series, planet of the apes, a hard day's night
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    Derek Webb, Red, Future of Forestry, Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman, For King and Country, Garth Brooks, Elton John, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Neil Young, U2
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    Shakespeare, the Pilgrims Progress, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, the phantom tollbooth, the neverending story, a Christmas carol, Stephen King particularly his 8 book Dark Tower series, Mitch Albom, Dr. Seuss

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  1. And by the way I may adore there will be blood and believe it's the greatest cinematic work of art ever made, but that doesn't mean I know anything about the director himself, but if he clearly said he's influenced by scorcese than all I have to say is he has a bad taste in directors. Films like goodfellas, gangs of New York, and the departed are downright awful. The aviator, Hugo and silence are all phenomenal, but those are rare types of films from him. I think Eastwood is the world's greatest director and definitely not Scorcese.
  2. I've come to realize through the years that few if anyone tend to share my views on things, and not just on music or movies either, and I realize I can't please everyone, but if someone agrees with me great I'm more than happy to talk about things I love, but if they don't as my grandma used to say tough titty.
  3. The original is one of my favorite kid movies of all time. I couldn't tell you how many times I saw it growing up except to say I have huge chunks of the movie permanently memorized and ingrained into my brain, and when I finally owned a copy of it (the 2011 DVD version) I was officially over the moon and have seen and loved it many times since. This movie will never get old, it's the perfect children's film and still enthralls me to this day. Unfortunately the Burton remake totally stinks, takes everything that was so pure and magical about the original and blows it up so that it's hardly recognizable anymore. What once was simple and pure and magical is horribly distorted and just makes me sick. The original novel is perfect, the original movie is even more perfect, but the remake is downright ghastly.
  4. I just got Eminem's music to be murdered by side B deluxe edition and really really like it. Considering Eminem's been my favorite rapper pretty much since he started I may be a bit biased here, but regardless I think he's got another home run on his hands here. His beats and musical hooks are as cool and catchy as ever and lyrically he is how he's always been. Not ashamed of who he is and speaking what's on his mind has been his schtick from the start and here he's no different. I admit he doesn't bleed his heart out as much on this album as he did on the Marshall Mathers LP II album, but several songs like Darkness, Leaving Heaven, and Zeus make it abundantly clear EM'S still got it. Anyway, if you're a fan like I am you owe it to yourself to buy this outstanding album for yourself.
  5. Crash is another movie I absolutely love to death which other people seem to hate. That year my absolute favorite film was either the lion the witch and the wardrobe, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, or sin city, but crash would probably come in fourth in my book. Brokeback Mountain would be on my list of the absolute worst films of the year along with Munich and broken flowers.
  6. I mentioned there will be blood because other people seemed to.
  7. And for what it's worth I have no freaking clue who in the hell Paul Schrader is.
  8. Sorry but Lebowski was stupid. From the constant dude talk, to all the pissing on the rug stuff, to the floating acid drenched magic carpet ride stuff, to the idiotic mob boss and the whole Jeff Daniels character the whole thing reeked of stupidity. Sorry if I'm not eloquent enough for you, but there's no better word I can use to describe the Big Lebowski than totally and utterly stupid.
  9. I freaking love there will be blood and believe it's the biggest best picture oscar blunder ever with Shakespeare in love beating out saving private ryan the second. Not only does Blood have the single best performance ever in it but the whole thing is simply epic in feel and is visually leaps and bounds above anything else out there. The oil fire in particular is the most awesome visual piece ever. Plus the story itself is so thought provoking with the father son dynamic, the crooked preacher and the oil man dynamic, and everything else that goes on in the movie. It's the greatest film of all time period and should have swept the Oscar's across the board.
  10. I saw the Big Lebowski tonight and honestly thought it was stupid as heck, but at the same time very Coen brothers like. In some ways it reminded me of the equally stupid o brother where art thou? Just without the awesome soundtrack o brother has, lol.
  11. For me no country just dragged on and on with very little seeming to happen. It was so sluggishly paced I kept on waiting for something anything to break up the monotony but it just didn't happen. I don't mind some slow moving movies as my love for there will be blood, pan's labyrinth, and Clint Eastwood's twenty first century output will attest to, but then there are some movies like no country that are so slow going that it's a chore to sit through. The most interesting moment in the entire movie was when Javier bardem was fixing his wounds in the bathroom and hotel room. The rest may as well have put me to sleep.
  12. I've only seen three Coen brothers movies and frankly the only one I'd call great would be Fargo. It has such hilarious dialogue, Old testament like messages, and a real surprise of an ending it's the only one of the three I don't mind watching again whenever it's on TV. O brother may have the greatest soundtrack ever made but the movie itself is far too out there for me, and the less said about the long drawn out dullfest that is no country for old men the better.
  13. I know I'm a little late on this, but I was just reading about him today on wikipedia wondering if he was working on anything new, when it said he had recently died last month. Now I'm not sure if anybody on here is a Carman fan or not but I know I am as well as my almost 54 year old sister, and to say I'm saddened and shocked would be an understatement. Ever since I heard my sister's old Carman tapes of the Absolute Best, Riot and Mission 3-16 I knew I was hooked, and even though the only CDs of his I ever bought for myself were the heart of a champion in 2000 and instrument of praise in 2007 I still consider myself a Carman fan to this day. To me he was one of those artists who refused to water down his faith and always injected biblical truth into his lyrics. Many songs of his like the champion, a witch's invitation, and there is a God spoke to me directly and helped to strengthen my faith through the years, and I still consider the song America again to be the best song he ever wrote. Love him or hate him (and I definitely loved him) Carman was a one of a kind artist and believer and I for one will miss him terribly.
  14. Very interesting discussions here. Count me as another fan of Branaghs Hamlet. Considering Hamlet is by far my favorite Shakespeare play to say I was eager to see a four hour adaptation of it would be an understatement, and boy did it exceed my expectations in every way possible. From the sets to the exquisite dialogue that literally left nothing out to career best performances by Winslet and Branagh respectfully, to the shocking but welcome inclusions of such incredible people like Jack Lemmon, Billy Crystal, and Robin Williams the whole thing from start to finish is a glorious achievement that simply mesmerizes you. Like I've said before the only Branagh Shakespeare's I've seen are much ado, Hamlet, and All is True, but someday I hope to watch and possibly own his twelfth night and Henry the fifth. From what I've read about his as you like it and loves labour's lost it seems like I can skip those, but his other Shakespeare ones seem wonderful. Anyway thanks to Kenneth Morefield for pointing me to this discussion. It was quite interesting.
  15. I'm surprised you guys didn't like the film since for me it was everything I ever could have hoped for in a movie about Shakespeare's last few years on Earth. Now to be fair this was the first Shakespeare movie I ever saw so maybe I'm a bit biased, but personally I thought it was highly entertaining, extremely informative, had the perfect look and feel of that time, and personally I thought noone could have portrayed Shakespeare better than Branagh did. Even though I only rented it and still don't officially own it, it did get me interested in seeing other Shakespeare films, and thanks to it I now own on DVD the 1999 Kevin Kline version of a midsummer night's dream, Kenneth Branaghs Hamlet and much ado about nothing, as well as Ophelia which personally I think is an extremely well-written alternate take on Hamlet that just takes you away and almost puts you in a trance like state while watching it. Frankly the only Shakespeare films I've seen that I didn't particularly care for was Olivier's Hamlet and the 90s version of twelfth night, both of whom I was lucky enough to view on TV first so don't actually own them. The four Shakespeare's I do own though I love dearly.
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