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  1. I have seen this verse used recently, though not in relation to theater, and want to be prepared for potential criticism on this front. Your point is a good one. Since I have already heard this applied to the current issues on transgender and/or cross dressing, I am more curious how we define theater as a unique situation that doesn't apply in this case. Based on some other conversations I have had since posting this, I do believe that the context of the verse is very important. In the theater, we are not attempting to deceive anyone regarding the gender of the actor in question. They are 'playing' a role and therefore not applicable in this situation. It's not an ironclad argument, but since the Bible does not specifically address this practice for the stage, it may be the best one available. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  2. Given the instruction in Deuteronomy 22:5, how do you feel we can reconcile the practice of cross gender casting? Can we? I have directed several shows and have never thought much about having the girls in the ensemble wear a suit so I can have matching pairs for the dance numbers. I have also had actors (usually girls) play minor roles of the opposite sex simply because I was short on male options. Only recently have I been challenged on this practice and I'm not sure what the best response would be. Does anyone have a good Biblical perspective on this long-standing theatrical practice?
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