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Found 4 results

  1. I could have sworn we had a thread on this, but the only thing that comes up when I search is our thread for The Stand. So I guess I'll start one and wait for my ahem. Has anyone watched the pilot? I managed to catch it on Amazon streaming last night and--well, it's alright. I'm not totally sold on it--the format seemed wonky, with everything building up but not paying off within the episode itself (to be expected of a pilot, but I also expect a little tension-and-release within the episode). So far, no real thoughts--except that, forget The Killing, Under the Dome is the real contender for "heir to Twin Peaks": a small town of characters living essentially soap operatic lives who are confronted with an unexplainable, possibly supernatural or science-fictional, break in their reality? The good thing is that--unlike Happy Town--this show doesn't push the quirkiness too far, doesn't try too hard to be Twin Peaks; it just mines some of the same territory to similar effect. I'll have to give it a couple of episodes to see how I like it, though.
  2. We're about halfway through watching the Hulu series based on the Stephen King time travel novel about trying to stop the JFK assassination. We really, REALLY liked the book. So far, I think its a good adaptation, even though there are some very significant changes. for the search engine: Kennedy, 1963
  3. Because, well... Derrickson was just sitting around, twiddling his thumbs, looking for something to do... Scott Teems, as you know, made That Evening Sun.
  4. King's already written the script, and John Cusack has signed on to star. Just looking for a director. This is one of my favorite King stories. The opening chapter alone was one of the most "cinematic" things I've ever read. It will fit well I think in the whole zombie obsessed culture we now live in. http://www.screendaily.com/home/afm/john-cusack-to-star-in-cargos-stephen-king-adaptation-cell/5048346.article
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