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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone actually know any "evangelical" planning to vote for Trump in the US election? I know that I've seen several articles (here, here, and here) that are about the evangelical voting bloc supporting trump in primaries, fears about the evangelical voting bloc, or calls from one evangelical or another to the evangelical bloc not to vote for trump. But other than Falwell Jr, and Pat Robertson, I hardly know any evangelicals planning to vote for Trump. My circle of evangelicals, from my home church, to my Facebook feed, to my family, only 1 person is planning to vote for Trump. So I'm curious--who are these people? How are they being defined? Do you know anyone? What makes them tick? Are you an evangelical Trump supporter? Can you share why? My step-dad, a proud, conservative evangelical, plans to vote for Trump. Mom's a Carson supporter. But my stepdad is a semi-retired small business owner who served in Vietnam, worked hard all his life, believes America is a Christian nation, believes that abortion is evil, believes that drinking alcohol is sin, and is against divorce and swear words. He's a perfect target market for a Huckabee or a Carson. But he supports Trump. I'm going to ask him why. I'm very curious how he reconciles his faith with this candidate who cheats on his former wives and sells vodka and doesn't ask anyone for forgiveness while cussing a lot. Admins--I know we're not supposed to have political topics. But this is a really interesting faith topic (at least to me). Can we keep it unless it degenerates into ugliness (i can't imagine it will based on, you know, Trump).
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