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  1. In Heretics, G. K. Chesterton enjoins: In my limited experience, a significant portion of users—though perhaps not a majority—partake in social media for what might be deemed the purpose of "rational tweeting." (I use "tweeting" as handy shorthand for use of any social media, be it Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc.) Most frequently, I observe, the rational tweeter seems devoted to the airing of grievances political and religious in nature. Two receptions tend to ensue from the rational tweet: mutual commiseration or outraged contradiction. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience. I find it useful to inquire into my motives for tweeting. Do you find that, on balance, social media increases or diminishes your general happiness in daily life? Does it affect your capacity for reflexive and prayerful gratitude? Or is it more like a mirror, only reflecting the happiness or misery you may or may not bring to it? I'm just thinking out loud here.