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Found 8 results

  1. NBooth

    In Dubious Battle

    Sigh. Links to our threads on: Child of God The Sound and the Fury As I Lay Dying The Broken Tower American Tabloid Howl [not Franco-directed]
  2. Darrel Manson


    We're about halfway through watching the Hulu series based on the Stephen King time travel novel about trying to stop the JFK assassination. We really, REALLY liked the book. So far, I think its a good adaptation, even though there are some very significant changes. for the search engine: Kennedy, 1963
  3. Tyler

    Blood Meridian

    Link to the thread on Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian. For the movie, Russell Crowe is in talks to star (alongside Tye Sheridan and Vincent D'Onofrio) and James Franco is directing.
  4. NBooth

    The Sound and the Fury (2014)

    This is weird--no trailers anywhere online. And we don't seem to have a thread on it--and given how many threads we have on different literary adaptations, that strikes me as unusual. So here's the IMDB page. Here's our thread on Franco's previous Faulkner foray, As I Lay Dying. The Guardian has a review up: I note that Franco gave himself the role of Benjy, which makes me flash back to Tropic Thunder. He should have taken warning from the way the last adaptation of The Sound and the Fury turned out: Seriously, filmmakers. Do Sanctuary. It's begging to be adapted.
  5. Tyler

    True Story (2015)

    Yes, True Story is actually the title. The trailer has a Talented Mr. Ripley vibe, but it's just so hard to take Franco seriously these days.
  6. J.A.A. Purves

    The Color of Time (2012)

    Premieres at the Rome International Film Festival: Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain, Henry Hopper, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff and ... Bruce Campbell. It's directed by Franco's film students at a class he teaches at New York University. I don't know what to think of this.
  7. Overstreet

    The Broken Tower (2011)

    Whoa. James Franco's directorial debut will be an adaptation of The Broken Tower, a biography of Hart Crane written by Paul Mariani, a great poet who frequents The Glen Workshop! To sweeten the deal... Michael Shannon's in it!
  8. Mr. Arkadin

    American Tabloid

    James Franco is in discussions to direct and star in an adaptation of American Tabloid: James Franco said today that he will direct and star in the James Ellroy adaptation American Tabloid. Deadline is hearing that the period adaptation is still coming together Sundance and is in the early stages, but Franco spilled the news to MTV while promoting his trio of festival projects at Sundance. Ellroy’s 1995 novel follows five years in the lives of three ex-law enforcement officers embroiled in shady interconnected Washington dealings that lead to President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination — a saga peppered with real-life figures including Jimmy Hoffa, Jack Ruby, Howard Hughes, and the Kennedy clan. Bruce Willis previously tried to turn American Tabloid and its sequel The Cold Six Thousand into an HBO TV miniseries in 2002 before Kirk Ellis took a stab at adapting the material for Tom Hanks’ Playtone and HBO in 2009.