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Found 2 results

  1. I haven't been on this forum in quite a while. I guess over the past few years I've been making more films and videos than watching them. Until recently, most projects have been for competitions or contests. Of course, having a family and a full time job on top of all that keeps me busy. My latest film venture is different than everything I've done recently. It's a 20-30 minute short called "Moving Day" Here's the... Logline: When a terminal illness strikes, one couple calls it quits... and for all the right reasons. And a short synopsis: Pete and Carrie are in love, and they'll be together forever - at least everyone thinks so. But now that her illness has returned they've decided to split up. Their friends are confused. Is this a mutual separation, or is Pete kicking her out? I have to say, the cast and crew were amazing! We were all crammed into my house for over 40 hours across 3 days in August, and everyone left the shoot in an amazing spirit of camraderie. Plus the footage looks amazing! We were able to bring on an amazing local DP, and his RED Epic system. I was floored at what he was able to accomplish. Here's a couple of ungraded screengrabs, but you can check out the rest at the film's facebook page. Until we get a website off the ground, It's the best place to get all the info on the film and our progress. Right now we're working through post-production, planning to get picture lock, audio, and some color correction done in time to submit to SXSW 2014. And if you're interested, we are finishing up a crowdfunding campaign at Seed & Spark to help my producing partner and I recoup some of the money we spent to make the film. I'll do my best to post updates, but again most will go through the "Moving Day" Facebook page.
  2. Lately, Joanna and I have been talking a lot about our long-term goals--for our daughters, for our family, for each of us individually--and trying to figure out how to achieve them. I want to see more of the world (it's one of the reasons I love the cinema so much), and aside from two touristy vacations in London and Paris, I haven't traveled much at all. My wife doesn't especially enjoy flying or spending time in big cities, and with two young children at home, our options are limited. In January I'm going to Rotterdam, by myself, to cover the festival for Senses of Cinema and mubi.com. I'm anxious about the trip, but it's the realization of a long-held dream: to tour the world via film festivals. The trip came together pretty quickly, so I'm just now beginning to research films that will be premiere in the next few months. I figured it was time to start a thread to discuss them. Moderators, would you please replace the Locarno tag with Rotterdam? Thanks.
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