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Found 1 result

  1. Link to our original 2014 thread. Link to our 2015 thread. Link to our 2016 thread. As the end of this year is quickly approaching, I've begun this thread for nominating, seconding, and discussing films for the Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury for 2017. Here's a statement Ken Morefield wrote up for our first jury in 2014: I think the statement remains applicable--it's appropriately broad and ecumenical, while also having the particular faith-focused nature of this end-of-year-list. I want to propose a timeline here, and I'm very open to feedback/pushback, so let me know what you think: Nominations open on November 1. To nominate a film, simply post it here in this thread or email it directly to me (jmayward@gmail.com). All nominated films must receive a "second" vote from another jury member in order to appear on the voting ballot. Non-jurors can also recommend films for nomination in this thread, but they must be seconded by two jury members. I will keep a tally of all the nominated and seconded films here, updating it as we go. You can this same thread to discuss, advocate, question, process, or to direct folks to links to other threads or conversations about the nominated films. I'd encourage you to give your reasons behind nominating or seconding a film. Qualifying films: a first time theatrical, DVD/Blu-ray, streaming, or festival release in the 2017 calendar year. Nominations will close at midnight on December 30. This is fairly late in the year for end-of-year film lists, but it mostly follows our pattern last year with Silence, and allows some of the late-year releases to be considered (like a certain Paul Thomas Anderson film). Is this date too late, or does it work for y'all? On December 31, I'll send jury members a link for a survey with all the nominated films that they can rank 1-5 (strongly disagree-strongly agree that the film should be on our jury's top 10 list). You are to vote only for films you have seen--if you haven't seen a film, simply leave that ballot blank or unranked. Voting closes on January 6. This gives a week for jury members to vote on the nominated films. Would having this occur after the holidays be more or less helpful for people's schedules? I recognize that folks may not want to be online or voting on film-related stuff the first week of the year. After the totals have been added up using some math wizardry, I'll send out an email with the results and post them here in the forum. Then I'll solicit "blurbs" for the final list, as well as your Honorable Mention--a film which did not end up on the top 10 list, but you would like to see recognized. I'll work with IMAGE on when/how the final list will be published. Here's our jury, listed alphabetically and with the website/"brand" I currently have for you (let me know if you want to update or change this): 1. Anders Bergstrom (3 Brothers Film) 2. Peter Chattaway (FilmChat) 3. Evan Cogswell (Catholic Cinephile) 4. Steven D. Greydanus (National Catholic Register) 5. Christian Hamaker (Crosswalk) 6. Josh Hamm (Cut Print Film) 7. M. Leary (Filmwell) 8. Noel T. Manning (Cinemascene) 9. Joel Mayward (CineMayward) 10. Kenneth R. Morefield (1More Film Blog) 11. Jeffrey Overstreet (Looking Closer) 12. Kevin Sampson (Picture Lock) 13. Melissa Tamminga (Seattle Screen Scene) 14. Gareth Higgins (The Porch / Movies & Meaning) 15. Josh Cabrita (MUBI Notebook / Cinema Scope) I'm excited to have Melissa and Kevin as part of the jury this year, so welcome them to A&F! I've reached out to two others who have not responded yet; if they answer in the near future, I'll add them to our jury. Looking forward to our discussion of these 2017 films, and for creating another unique end-of-year list.