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Found 8 results

  1. byronr


    Greetings.I am Byron,a 19 year old gradually slipping into cinema.Your writing,intelligence,and analysis is not only awesome and admirable,but inspirational.I only began to take films seriously about a year ago,understanding that it was much more than the blockbusters I had been mainly exposed to(not throwing them under the bus,just saying they did not build my curiosity enough to want to dive deeper into the seventh art they were coming from).Now,as a infant slowly falling down the rabbit hole,I find that I am having trouble understanding it fully.I find that I can sometimes appreciate the mi
  2. I am well aware this is a topic touched upon quite frequently, and for that I apologize, but I feel as though I must expand the pool of opinion. I have had this stewing for a while, as a disclaimer. Essentially it boils down to my sneaking suspicions that criticism of most forms of media is being occupied (for lack of a better word) by this invasive attitude of faux objectivity. I think it was most evident to me roughly a week ago while discussing a film with a friend, when partway through an individual bluntly inserted himself into the conversation, plighting about how much
  3. We have created a networking group for Christian filmmakers to help expand the Faith-based market. We have a Facebook group called Christian FIlmmakers Networking where you can network with other people in the industry. We also have a website www.christianfilmmakersnetworking.com where we feature some new and up and coming professionals in the industry. We also feature some of the biggest pioneers who have paved the way for so many who want to be involved. The only rules that we have are that you are respectful and that you do not post anything that does not honor God. There is never a charge
  4. So I know there was already a post about this in theater, but I was wondering how to deal with being a film actor and being asked to swear or do/talk about immoral things. Is it ok to do those things if it’s not real or you’re just portraying a character? I mean I’ve had to swear on stage, but it feels like it would be worse when it’s documented forever. Also I wonder if you could get very far in the industry if you refused to do stuff like take the lords name in vain or go nude. Anyone’s opinion in this? sorry if this is already a discussion I couldn’t find it.
  5. This article: Do Christians Have Poor Cultural Taste? is interesting. It says nothing new for those who have asked these kinds of questions before. I often think that to merely ask the question is to be on the right path. Here's a thought/question: Suppose a Christian has bad taste in art. What does that mean in terms of his/her soul? Is this fact a pointer (or could it be a pointer) to something more fundamental? Another thought/question: The article argues against a utilitarian approach to art. Though not well defined (it's a short article), the idea is that using art is not the same
  6. The Exorcist (1973), that great masterpiece of horror cinema and cinema in general, is known for many things: realism regarding the supernatural, a convicing defense of the supernatural realm of good and evil, brilliant performances, a documentarian style courtesy of William Friedkin, theological depth courtesy of William Blatty (author of the original 1971 novel), and a truly horrifying atmosphere that is a happy balance between shock and chill. But there was one moment which I wanted to discuss: the exorcism scene where Father Lankaster Merrin (Max von Sydow) and Damien Karras (Jason Mil
  7. FilmFisher just launched today. I know little about the site, but I do know a little about some of the folks behind it. Looks promising. From the "About Us" section: FilmFisher is a movie review site by students and for students. Thoughtful high school and college students, guided by adult mentors, present reflective reviews of contemporary and older films. Films are reviewed for artistic excellence, cinematography, writing, acting, plot and the ways films succeed or fail at cultivating humanity and shape those living as Christians. In short, films are evaluated for their truth, goodness
  8. I've been interested in Medium ever since it launched a little while ago. I like it's simple, clean layout, and how easy it is to use. But I hadn't really found a good use for it myself until an idea occurred to me this morning. I decided to experiment with the site's collections feature, which allows users to make categories for other users to submit to. The collection I created is called Three Good Scenes. If you're familiar with the Howard Hawks quote about what makes a good movie, you may be able to guess what the general conceit is, but if I not I wrote a brief intro. Anyway, even tho
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