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Found 3 results

  1. I thought this deserved its own thread. Three Billboards is the first McDonagh film I would say is not a comedy. It's punctuated with a number of darkly comic moments, but the overall arc of the narrative is that of a tragedy. Scott Renshaw's review nails precisely what makes this movie so great.
  2. J.A.A. Purves

    Seven Psychopaths (2012)

    Links for In Bruges and Tom Waits to collaborate with "In Bruges" writer The cast so far includes Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Mickey Rourke. This will be Martin McDonagh's second feature film as a director, the second film where Farrell has worked with McDonagh, and also the second time Rockwell & Rourke have worked together. Variety -
  3. MattP

    In Bruges (2008)

    I don't typically start movie threads because usually someone has seen a given movie long before I have (or at least posted advance news about the flick). Can't seem to find one about In Bruges however (searching for "Bruges"), even though it opens today, and since it was *easily* the best movie I saw at Sundance this year, here you go. If you like dark comedy, if you like smart, witty dialogue, if you like hearing people say "the f word" with Irish accents, you must go see this movie. A meaner, funnier, more emotional take on the "hitmen acting like it's just another job" genre of Grosse Pointe Blank. Colin Ferrell's direction must have been "act like you're 10 years old," and still, as bad as that sounds, he's really, really funny in this movie. Not only is the script fantastic, and not only does it thumb it's nose directly at the Too P.C. crowd, it's surprisingly moving as a dramatic story at key points in the film. A dark comedy with heart, if you will. Writer/Director Martin McDonagh is the academy-winning director of the short live-action "Six Shooter" (also starring Brendan Gleeson), and also a multiple award winning playwright, and both skills are put to good use in this film. Do yourself a favor, don't judge this one by its trailer, which doesn't make me want to watch the movie even now that I've seen it and loved it. I will now go sit quietly in the corner and wait for my "ahem."