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REM on Charlie Rose tonight

Josh Hurst

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As my clever thread title suggests, REM are going to be on Charlie Rose this evening. Check your PBS listing for times.

Actually, REM are making many TV appearances this month, but I'm highlighting this one because there is sure to be a long, in-depth interview, and Michael Stipe gives GREAT interviews. This should be very interesting indeed.

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I can remember a time when it wouldn't have mattered to me but last night I saw REM on Leno (and the previous night on Letterman...I thought Letterman's show did a better job on sound) and I was all into the music and thinking about buying the CD just to hear the new stuff. But then Stipe went over for a short interview and he made some comment about how the number emblazoned on his pant leg represented the number of disenfranchized voters from the last election and then he took a swipe at Bill O'Reilly and I just had to turn the television off.

To be fair, it's not just what REM said. It's more the way that I was reminded of how the liberals and the non-Christians seem to have all the good music and movies and books. Where are the talented conservatives?

Getting older sucks and in a way, getting wiser sucks even more.

God bless,


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