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Movies to watch during a heat wave

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With global warming kicking in, and a record heat wave here, and our AC barely able to keep up (only had the house cooled to 80F running full time), we figured we needed some thing cold to watch.

I thought we could rent the obvious March of the Penquins, but the thought of seeing them all huddling together made me sweat.

So we ended up finding one we'd taped off Sundance: The Sea from Iceland. It really didn't do much to cool us off.

So what could we watch that would make us get out the laprugs on a day like this (or at least cool us down enough so we don't need to rub ice cubes on our faces)?

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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Atanarjuat - The Fast Runner.

"Sympathy must precede belligerence. First I must understand the other, as it were, from the inside; then I can critique it from the outside. So many people skip right to the latter." -- Steven D. Greydanus
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Heart of Light, set in Greenland. It's also a 2006 Top 100 nominee. Edited by BethR

There is this difference between the growth of some human beings and that of others: in the one case it is a continuous dying, in the other a continuous resurrection. (George MacDonald, The Princess and Curdie)

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I always think of how different the lake would look in summer in Grumpy Old Men.

Beautiful Girls, The Apartment.

Any of the Desperado films, including Once Upon a Time in Mexico, give the impression of being so much hotter than the typical American heatwave. It might make you feel fortunate that it is not that hot.

Fahrenheit 451, heh, heh.

"During the contest trial, the Coleman team presented evidence of a further 6500 absentees that it felt deserved to be included under the process that had produced the prior 933 [submitted by Franken, rk]. The three judges finally defined what constituted a 'legal' absentee ballot. Countable ballots, for instance, had to contain the signature of the voter, complete registration information, and proper witness credentials.

But the panel only applied the standards going forward, severely reducing the universe of additional basentees the Coleman team could hope to have included. In the end, the three judges allowed about 350 additional absentees to be counted. The panel also did nothing about the hundreds, possibly thousands, of absentees that have already been legally included, yet are now 'illegal' according to the panel's own ex-post definition."

The Wall Street Journal editorial, April 18, 2009 concerning the Franken Coleman decision in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race of 2008.

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And on days when it's so humid that I just want to mellow out, perhaps something like Last Life In The Universe.

"I feel a nostalgia for an age yet to come..."
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Ken, I see your Heat Wave and raise you The King is Alive.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


Edited by stef

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe.

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If you're into the heat...


Lawrence of Arabia

A Far Off Place

If not...

Die Another Day

Smila's Sense of Snow

John Carpenter's The Thing

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I hesitate to join this thread since I live on the beach (1/4 mile) in SB and HOT is 80 to us - I call our coastal fog "God's airconditioning" - but...

ICE aGE 1 and 2





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