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Del Amitri


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This band from Belfast became known in the states for "Roll To Me" an uncharacteristically peppy little tune from 1994 or so.

But this band has become one of my all-time favorites. Most of the rest of their stuff is bordering on love/philosophy as all my favorite artists do. Sometimes dark and brooding, but lyrically very sharp.

any other fans out there?

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Aye, Del Amitri is wonderful! They have an excellent flare fore a pop influenced, Irish feelwith a modern original sound or at least they did. They write pretty straight forward lyrics that can grab you immediately.

"Ain't that Just like a man" is one of my favs as well as the Irish folk sound of "Nothing Ever Happens." I think their biggest hit was "Always the last to know." Fortunately for me, Chicago is a great radio town and a station called XRT played/plays a lot of the less well known bands out there, where Del Amitri found a nice size following here in ChiTown.

"...and we all feel lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow..."

...the kind of film criticism we do. We are talking about life, and more than that the possibility of abundant life." -M.Leary

"Dad, how does she move in mysterious ways?"" -- Jude (my 5-year-old, after listening to Mysterious Ways)

[once upon a time known here as asher]

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"What I think She Sees" is one of my favs.

I've been in this place many times before

with my baby's things among my shoes and strings and clothes

but just because I'm here don't mean I can't run out that door

ain't that what those runnin' shoes are for.

Baby likes to sleep on floorboards bare

Just to keep the peace well I join her there.

She might say to me a better man I can't recall

what I think she sees ain't me at all

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