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my new record

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Hi, all.

My new record, entitled "chromedecay tracks pt2: 2001-2005", is now available via chromedecay (my record label).

IPB Image


This project represents 4 years and 11 tracks, spanning dub-techno, downtempo instrumental hip-hop rhythms, and moody soundscapes. My signature sounds are found all over this record, which sees beauty filtered through a gritty urban palette of sounds and textures. There are 2 full songs available as downloadable MP3s to give a taste of what it's all about.

I hope you check this out - it's a really significant piece of work for me. Apologies if this is too self-promotional in nature - I've really enjoyed being a part of this community and I thought I'd share this next step in my own artistic development.


Bill Van Loo

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