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The Far Side of the World

Darrel Manson

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In the old incarnation of the board, in discussing Peter Weir movies, I mentioned that he has one coming out in November: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Someone else mentioned it's based on a book from a series by Patrick O'Brian, so I got it from the library and am getting started with it.

I find it interesting that it's the 10th book of the series (of 20-something). As I'm reading I can see that there is plenty of backstory that I don't have. It also includes a great deal of naval and archaic language that sort of float over my head. I'll bet adapting it has been a chore.

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IIRC, this film was originally slated to be released this summer. I remember seeing the trailer for it with Catch Me If You Can, back at Christmas.

I guess it's probably going to be an fall release though. See if they can get it nominated for some Oscars.

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Yeah, the title of the film is rather odd, incorporating the titles of books 1 and 10. As the saga generally follows the chronology of the Napoleonic Era, and the characters and their relationships notably develop over time, it certainly is better to read them in order if possible, though the narratives of each book generally do stand alone pretty well.

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: IIRC, this film was originally slated to be released this summer.

Ah, I was wondering about that. I saw a trailer for it a couple days ago, just before I saw Morvern Callar, and the trailer kept saying this film was coming out in "JUNE" and I kept wondering whether it was supposed to come out a month ago or whether they were giving us a year's notice ... or whether this may have been a trailer from Down Under (Aussie director, Aussie star) that somehow ended up in North America.

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