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New Wilco

Josh Hurst

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I know we've got some Wilco fans around here. From Pitchfork Media:

Cory D. Byrom reports:

Still basking in the critical glory that surrounded the band after the release of their 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco is currently in the studio wrapping up work on the follow-up, according to reports from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. After taking a short break around the Thanksgiving holiday, the band headed home to Chicago to put the finishing touches on the album, which they began recording in New York a couple of weeks before. Warner Bros-affiliated Nonesuch Records, who Wilco signed with after a much-chronicled split with Warner Bros-affiliated Reprise back in 2001, will be releasing the album, tentatively scheduled for the spring.

Two titles have been bandied about so far: dBpm (also a title the band gave to a group of improv recordings dating back to 2002) and W*lco Happens. An official tracklisting has yet to be released due to the fact that the band is still narrowing down from the close to thirty songs that have been recorded. Some of the tracks that might make the final cut are: "Hell Is Chrome," "Muzzle Of Bees," "Panthers," "Theologians," "Company In My Back," "At Least That's What You Said," "Wishful Thinking," and "Kicking Television." That last one must be about Emeril Live! That junk is kickin'.

The band, which in addition to core members Tweedy, Stirratt, Kotche, and Bach will be recording with touring keyboardist/laptop player Mikael Jorgensen, is co-producing the effort with Jim O'Rourke, who also engineeredYankee Hotel Foxtrot. Fans have noted how the band's sound has evolved with each album, and this one promises to be no different. According to Tweedy, some tracks are similar to Foxtrot's "dryness and kraut-rock vibe," but others have a much more "live, organic, live vocal" sound. "We're just waiting to see what kind of record pops out," he continues. Um, kraut-rock? I must've been listening to the wrong album this whole time. Someone hook me up with the one he's talking about.

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