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Playstation 2 Accessories?

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I've recently purchased a PS2 (I told my wife it was for the kids, although the 3 year-old has some difficulty with Ghost Recon3). I was willing to buy it new, because I want it underwarrantee, but I'm not thrilled about dropping top dollar for acessories when I know many people have moved onto newer systems.

So... If you have PS2 controllers, memory cards, games or anything like that you are trying to unload for cheap or free, I'm in the market.

I've looked on craigslist and ebay, but shipping costs usually make it just barely cost adventageous to wal-mart.

I'm thinking... how much should shipping a memory card REALLY cost?

Thanks all.


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I recommend skipping Ebay or Walmart and just checking out your local GameStop or EB Games. The prices on used controllers and cards are usually really good at those places. You can also find some incredible prices on older games and newer ones that flew under the gaming community radar.

FWIW, one of the best "family" games available for the PS2 is Klonoa 2... A great little platformer with cool puzzles and a Tomita-like Moog synth soundtrack that's really soothing. You can usually find the game for 10 or 12 bucks at one of those outlets. A must-own title.

Also, you've probably heard a lot about the Katamari series on PS2. Those are a lot of fun for little ones.

It's six years old, but for my money the first Jak & Daxter is still one of the coolest action/adventure games on the playstation console. My older kids have quite a few new games, but I still catch them replaying J&D all the time.

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