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Hello everyone, I just discovered this site. Fascinating conversations! Good thought and very peripheral thinking going on here.

To throw in my own two-cents. I great deal of the problem has been the mind-set we bring to our calling. We must first ask ourselves, the project I'm working on, is it geared for the Christian community or is it geared towards the secular world.


For the most part, there are two forms of the Christian community. There are serious believers and there are secular believers.

Serious believers will more than likely be very critical of a film deemed "Christian" if it does not line up with their own doctrines. Serious believers are the ones who frequent Christian bookstores and are tapped into Christian internet. They don't watch much television nor go to the theaters often. Many of them have not understood the value of what this media can do. I see that in my own church, they have not adopted the vision.

Secular believers are the ones solely tapped into the secular culture. So if we market a film project in the Christian arena, they miss it. They also have no interest if the film has no big stars and mass appeal.

In short, the Christian community is a tough sell, including the churches. We recently completed a short film project called THE HOLY MOUNTAIN as well as a music video called USEFUL. Both projects are designed for the Christian community, they avoid doctrinal dispute and are meant to encourage the body. Useful, is a youth oriented music video certainly a great tool for evangelism that speaks truth.

So, while I am aware of the tough sell in the Christian community there still is a place for Christian product, provided we keep the budget farily low.


This is a bird of a completley different nature. And we need to recognize that fact. We can't use our Christian mindset and appeal to the masses at the same time.

Christian television needs to get away from licensing "LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE" and consider creating some pilots to be pitched to the networks. One pilot can turn everything around - Like Touched By An Angel. For too long we've done our own little Amish thing on the side instead for working with the existing industry.

I write full length screenplays. I have three completed and in development of the fourth. They are entirely and purposefully designed to appeal to the secular culture. Yes we need the stars and bigger production companies than mine to make these. We need more films like BRUCE ALMIGHTY. I am not called to entertain believers but impact the masses. Nor am I called to preach to the masses.

Scripts with a Christian-orientation need to be masterful in ther approach. Walden Media has the right approach and are poised for great success. Get an audience thinking about life after death while at the same time entertaining them and you've won.

I'm going to be splitting my company as Testimony Pictures is too Christian. I'll use the same logo but change the name to a more generic flavor for secular projects. Although I do not see us producing ANY main stream projects as we are just too small to draw the kind of stars needed.

We are all on the cutting edge of some great things taking place and I am honored to be in this position at this time. My knuckles may be raw from knocking on Hollywood's doors, but something will eventually break open. Until then, I continue to push and prod my way through.

And remember, though that walk can place you in some dark corners of the world, that's the perfect time to shine.

I very much valuie everyone's contributions on this thread. We are so much better off in community than we are as stand-alone applications.


Michael Brown



Those of us looking to impact the world through this form of media need to adopt some serious changes

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Michael Brown,

Good points all.

What do you think about the potential of new media to impact the mass culture? Do you feel that penetrating the traditional channels (movie theaters or TV) is necessary? Personally, I have great hope in the power of the internet as a distribution center for low-budget projects. Increasingly, churchs and pastors are turning to the 'net to spread the Word of God more easily, and artists can do the same.

You spoke of serious changes - I agree, but I think that the mainstream secular media are going to have to undergo change also, as times change. Christian filmmakers who adapt more quickly than big media can gain advantage which they can turn into an opportunity to evangelize.

Just my two cents. smile.gif

(BTW, PTC, sorry if we're going off topic - Alan, you can divide the topics if you so choose.)

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