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Pocket camera "film" making

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This Topic has been pulled from another thread. A separate topic has been created in order to discuss the "filmfestival" and/or the process and technique of this style of production.

There was one online festival that only wanted films shot with a cell phone.
Here it is, with many examples.

Another reason a separate topic was created is due to the fact that the previous topic was not only about a personal vblog, it was also about experimental work.

Although there are "many examples" of the pocket camera creations on the festival site, the narrative structures seem to be rather conventional and the editing is pretty straight forward. I have only watched a few of the videos and really only found one that I would consider experimental; it was kind of a dream-like, unconscious reflection.

Another thing that is a bit difficult to determine is the intent to be "experimental" visually. Is it the low quality of the camera that creates the illusion of being experimental or if it was intended to be more avant-garde in nature?

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