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Peter T Chattaway

Justice League

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1. The Thor / Hulk trailer looked fun. This looks... okay... though you can see how DC is trying to include some of the self-referential fun that has been a Marvel staple for years now.

2. The other day, at the movie theatre, I pointed to a poster for Justice League in which Batman was easily the most prominent figure, and predicted that the film's marketing strategy would change soon because of (a) the big success of Wonder Woman and (b) the rumour that Warner Brothers was looking for a way to ease Affleck out of the role. And, sure enough, this trailer emphasizes Wonder Woman far more than it does Batman (though he's certainly in there, as are Alfred and Commissioner Gordon).


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The new "Heroes" trailer, which apparently cannot be embedded:


Does this film really come out in just five and a half weeks? For some reason I'm not sensing the anticipation anywhere, even though it gives us our second look at Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman this year.

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