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Pilobolus Dance Theatre on TV

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Heads up notice!

This was a tough one for me. Not sure where I should post this. It is the Oscars, but it is on TV, but this is about the dance company I work for doing some things throughout the show. But the Oscars are only on Sunday, so maybe short term would have been a better forum. Let the moderators fall where they may.

The Academy asked Pilobolus to do some movie snipets/intros along the lines of the Hyundai Santa Fe commercial we did, the silhouette stuff.

Unfortunately I won't be out there in L.A., (no need for us techs) but a few of the dancers will be. And the proofs that I saw were really cool.

Well, that was the plan as of Wednesday. Who knows if it will get cut at the last minute or not.

We also should be on eXtra's coverage of the Oscars.

This was supposed to be hush hush, but we are only one day away from the awards and the dancers seem to be telling everyone, too. At least I won't be the only one fired.



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