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Best Laptop and Camera Combo for Filmmaking

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Hey all,

I am going to be coming back to the US this summer, and would like to invest in a laptop and camera to begin my indy film venture. I'm not looking for the best camera out there, but a digital camera that filmmakers would recommend for beginners. Also, would anyone here recommend that I switch to Mac? If so, what would be the best Mac for the money for a filmmaker?


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Take a look at this thread for info on a camera.

If you have the budget (I think you should be able to get one under 2k used, I think the consensus among most people is the Panasonic DVX-100. It gives you the right amount of user control, but at the same time is not overwhelming. Most film makers like them because of the 24p option which gives a more "filmic" look.

In terms of computers obviously you are going to get a range of opinions. At work, I edit on Avid Adrenalines running on Windows. At home I edit on a Mac based Avid Xpress Pro system. Far and away my experience is MUCH better on the Mac. This will only improve if you use Final Cut - this is one case where it is a good thing where the same manufacturer makes the hardware, the OS and the software. You'll pay more, but in my opinion it is worth it. I can't tell you how many times a Windows update has screwed up Avid. Plus I would wait until Windows Vista is a little more battle proven.

One thing to look out for though. At this moment in time programs like Avid and I believe some Adobe programs are not compatible with Intel macs. I believe that will be changing by spring when these companies role out new products at NAB.

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