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'07 Christians in Theater Arts Conference


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Go find out about the upcoming CITA conference in Chicago this June. I went in '05, and really enjoyed it. It's a great time for networking with other actors who are Christians, and to pick up new materials and resources, and in Chicago - it'll be a great time for picking up a few deep dish pizzas, as well!

If anyone has any questions about this, I'll be happy to do my best to answer!


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Anybody planning on being there? Bortz? Ron? Mando?

CITA is a good group. I went to 2000 in Asheville and it was great.

Well, I'll be there, but I'm not on your list, Dan... ::blush:: I'm co-teaching one of the acting morning intensive workshops.

CITA is always a great time for me to connect with other Christian theatre artists, and I almost always come away with inspiration for something new. I was at Ashville, and at the 05 in Greenville, and last year in NYC (which was great).

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Sorry I missed you Attic.

What are the dates of this year's conference?

June 13-16.

Conference info and registration are here.

Come this year, and don't miss me this time! ::w00t::

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I am new to this forum. I am the co-director of the Louisville Youth Theatre (KY)...a new theatre intown dedicated to giving youth ages 8-18 opportunities in musical theatre. My question is......Is CITA really geared for drama within the church? I attend a MEGA church in Louisville with 23000 members. I was drama director there for a few years and it was always an uphill battle as far as doing "drama" in church. They do an Easter Pageant that is done with excellence but my burden is to be a light, and fragrance of Christ in the community through theatre. Would I be able to apply what is offered at CITA to Community Theatre? I have a kazillion questions and would love to have some input from Christians who have been able to do this successfully outside of the church walls. We are currently applying for non-profit status and seeking grants and corporate sponsorship. Our vision is to have an actual theatre facility here in town and do 4 shows a year + camps and seminars etc. I just feel so burdened to have a wholesome, encouraging environment for kids to experience this area of giftedness.

Any advice?

It seems unlikely for this year. I'll be in the middle of a big move. http://danbuck.blogspot.com/2007/03/buck-b...aylor-bear.html

But have a great time without me!

I am new to this forum and i loved your blog. I have been wrestling with the same issue. I want to go back and get my MFA but University of Louisville really has an agenda in their theatre arts dept that I don't think I could embrace. I love this stuff and feel like there is so much to learn. It's like in my DNA. We are sending our first son off to college at Asbury this year and ......well......my question is......is it really important to have the degree or just go to take classes to learn. Keep us posted on what you are learning.

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CITA is a pretty cool thing - it could be helpful to you. The name of the org says it all - it's for Christians who do theater, no matter where or what level. The majority of the people who attend seem to be people interested in "Christian" theater - but it's not restricted to that. The last time I was there I ran into people from all walks of theater life, and at the least was encouraged as a Christian artist. The big thing about the conference is that it's for networking - so you meet and meet and meet people and get out of it what you put into it.

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I have a question and don't know how to start a new topic so I a posting it here cuz it kind of relates.

As i mentioned before, my friend and i started a new music theatre company for youth ages 7-18. My primary motive in doing this was to provide a place that was dictated by a Judeo-Christian ethic in the choice of material, how the theatre was run, and just an overall wholesome environment for youth to explore the theatre.

We have decided to become non-profit and seek out corporate sponsors at the encouragement of other youth theatre companies around the country that we turned to for advice on getting up and going.

Repeatedly though, I have been told not to mention anything about Christianity or this "alternative" Judeo-Christian ethic and just to cloak our theatre as a general youth theatre as not to offend. It bugs me because there is a theatre company in town that is boldly announcing themselves as the gay/lesbian theatre company and the only shows or scripts they look at or perform are about the gay/lesbian lifestyle. There is another theatre company that is purely for women's issues/rights. I am not talking about naming it Louisville Christian Youth theatre but merely to have in our bylaws and information that we are trying to offer an alternative that is Judeo-Christian in philosophy.

Am I wrong? I don't want to alienate the theatre community. I have many friends there in places of leadership. But....this is why I started the theatre in the first place. I was concerned with the liberal philosophy in the local theatre community and its affect on youth.

I am open to advice or suggestions. I desperately want to walk in God's will here. I dont believe there is secular and sacred. All of it is His.


thanks for your input.

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Sorry I don't have input about sponsorship, but as to CITA, I know it would be PERFECT for you. In my experience it has been a great blend of the three camps (Academic, professional, and church theatre). And they all feed and learn from each other. Highly recommended for you and your partner in this endeavor.

by the way, you might benefit in your church drama from this manifesto I drafted when I was directing a large church drama program. http://danbuck.blogspot.com/2003/02/though...urch-drama.html

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