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I just got my Harry Potter book from Amazon today. But that'll have to wait until after Cornerstone. Still have to finish Native Son and Catch-22, which I'm reading with two of my students. The latter might be the funniest book I've read since Don Quixote. The fact that it's sooo relevant to our contemporary society strikes me as very sad. But at least Heller helps me to laugh about it.

J Robert

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Originally posted by WhyFjord:

Alvy, have you read The Power and the Glory?

Not yet, but I have a copy on my shelf, along with a whole bunch of other Greenes I have not read, and shall probably delve into it sometime soon.

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-- Dave aka Alvy

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My latest find is Frederick Buechner's Book of Bebb(Lion Country). I haven't laughed out loud at a book in quite some time. Of course it doesn't hurt that the book is amazing quite apart from the humour.

These are Kara's favorites. I believe she's read the whole series twice. They looked interesting to me and i remember thinking that if i ever found time i might like them... Isn't Bebb a Bible salesman or something like that?

Buechner is fantastic in everything he does. I've read several books written by him, and my two favorites are "Telling the Truth: the Gospel as Comedy, Tragedy and Fairy Tale," and "Son of Laughter." The latter was one of the most enjoyable reading experiences i've ever had, diving into the history of Jacob, son of Isaac (whose name means Laughter), and bringing the O.T. story to life. Then again, you're talking to a fellow who named his daughter Genesis, so you can see how i'd be more biased to enjoy this kind of a novel.


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