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WKRP is coming to DVD

Ann D.

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Finally!! Yay! I'd almost lost hope they were releasing this.

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Sadly, from what I hear, these episodes are going to be heavily edited from their original broadcast. Music rights are the biggest reason why this set has taken forever, and they still couldn't clear certain songs, including one episode which features a Pink Floyd song.

They may have replaced some of the music, but from what I understand, the set is a disappointment of sorts.

BTW, the list of music changes is here.

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If, like me, you've been waiting for the music licensing issues to be worked out and a proper collection to be released, the wait may be over.  Shout Factory released the entire WKRP in Cincinnati series in late October, and has probably come as close as can be achieved to getting the rights to the majority of songs that played during the original broadcasts.  It's not perfect, but I'm thinking that no other company is going to be able to do better, or even attempt to try. 
Here's a spreadsheet of what songs made it (pink), and what didn't (gray).  It's a somewhat confusing chart, with season one having the best breakdown.  The rest of the seasons have a different coding breakdown, where they seem to shade the artist rather than the song title for some reason

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