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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

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So Turn off the Dark had a bit in the Macy's parade and it was...bad. Very, very bad:

You know you've failed when the gazillionth season of Power Rangers brings more awesome to the table than you do:

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Taymor's latest court filings directs much of the blame of the lackluster show squarely on Bono and the Edge.

In her new court filing, Taymor also singles out Bono and Edge for particular criticism. She says they failed to attend rehearsals and she cites e-mails beseeching them to deliver improved lyrics and music. "I have been at it on [spider-Man] nonstop," reads one of those e-mails. "We need you. It is not easy to change anything, but now I think it is a matter of lyrical and musical changes "

Taymor says that Bono and the Edge were out on tour with U2 at the time, and that caused damage. According to Taymor's court brief, "The producers’ effort to hold Taymor responsible for damages for failing to make improvements to the show as an author ignores the reality that the conduct of Bono and Edge — the musical’s other primary creative team members — severely hampered timely improvements to the musical."

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