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Well done doc, even if one sided. It certainly makes its case well. Some very nice visuals along with a minor education in the economy of coffee.

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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Yep. I don't think it's meant to address the subject of fair-trade coffee comprehensively ... it focuses on what's happening with the one collective in Ethiopia. Does lay out the economics plainly and starkly. I found it quite engrossing and moving.

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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When Black Gold screened at the NY Human Rights Watch last year, Tadesse Meskele appeared with the Francis brothers for the Q&A and it turned out to be a very eye opening session. Yes, it is only about one farm collective, but it's actually one of the more organized ones out there because Meskele does actually care about the farmers he represents. Even with the abject poverty shown in the film, the reality on other farms is even worse.

I thought one of the more interesting aspects of the film was how corporations like Nescaf

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