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Looking for rotoscope & matte artist

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Just saw this request on the blog of my current favorite comic strip (Wondermark, by David Malki):

"As you may know I've been making a movie for a while, and it's getting real close to being done. After the New York show next weekend I hope to have the time to start posting some trailers and clips online. But right now I'm asking for a little bit of help -- there are some special effects shots that we're trying to finish, and I'm running out of hours in the day. Are you good at rotoscoping and compositing in After Effects or Shake? Or photo-realistic matte painting? Drop me an email if you're interested in helping out on the project, or want some more info! (If you don't know what any of that means you can just smile and nod and back away slowly.)"


Just FYI, since I'm no earthly help in these areas.


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