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Speaking of myths...

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Resurrecting this thread, since Joseph Campbell got its own chapter in the book I'm currently reading about Star Wars.  Lucas read Campbell before he began his drafts on the 1977 film (this was in 1973-74), but he didn't meet his idol until after completing Return of the Jedi. 


Campbell had not seen any of the movies when they met.  Lucas and him hit it off, ultimately inviting him up to the newly completed Skywalker Ranch.  It was there that, supposedly, the very first movie marathon occurred, as Campbell desired to see all three movies in one day.


If I'm not mistaken, the Bill Moyers documentary "Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth" was filmed there.  40 hours of footage were taken, edited down to 6.  The special DVD release has an interview with Lucas too.


For some reason I always confused Joseph Campbell with Joseph Conrad.  Being that Lucas was somewhat associated with the making of _Apocolypse Now_, it's easy to see why.

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