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The Wrens


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A friend and fellow music lover picked The Wrens' latest album as his favorite of the year and exhorted me to pick up a copy even if I haven't heard a note of it.

I'm feeling the urge to take that leap. Anybody here familiar with that record?



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my friend Susan is really into them right now and i've listened to the album once. i liked it well enough but need to go a second and third round with it. The band has some MP3s on their webpage here, but they are on the upcoming album rather than last years.

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With a new album tentatively scheduled for this year, I thought I'd revive this thread.

I bought into the hype of the Wrens's Meadowlands when it was released, but the album really proved to be a grower. Even the tracks I wasn't initially into became favorites (especially "13 Months in 6 Minutes"). But it's the sophomore release, 1996's Secaucus, that really sunk its claws into me. I've always been interested in mixing power pop with jagged, atonal guitar noise, and Secaucus delivers exactly that.

Also, on a Wrens-related note, I got to see Okkervil River on tour with the New Pornographers a few years ago. This was right after Brian Cassidy left the group as the lead guitarist; Charles Bissell (one of the Wrens's co-frontmen) filled in as lead guitarist for this tour. He filled the role wonderfully, and I kind of wish he had permanently joined Okkervil.

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Coincidentally, a Facebook update today from The Wrens (and they have been fairly regular - and usually quite funny - on Facebook lately so it's not out of the blue):

"shy some lyrics, some vocals & some final mixing, Three Types of Reading Ambiguity.Logic done (no, will not be the real title)"

I like that they don't seem to put much pressure on themselves to get the next record out. That's healthy, ha!

Not that that the long periods of time should lead anyone to think they lack for purpose or intensity. The records alone should prove that is not the case.

Also, although I have been to SXSW only once, it happened to be a year that The Wrens were in attendance. I didn't see anyone else on that weekend that brought the same levels of joy and energy and pure rock'n'roll as that band of middle-aged rock lifers did.

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I love the Meadowlands.

So perfect. So opposite of everything else I was devouring in 2003 and 2004, which was all derived from Uncle Tupelo (for me, not the artists).

I saw them live in Feb. 2004 in a place that is infamous for people drinking beer and talking over the music and that is what happenned there. Still, one of the most memorable shows.

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