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Darrel Manson

Jersey Boys

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For those of us of a certain age, this is great fun. It's also a nice look at what it means to be community.

On a side note, my wife was wondering of the economics of the ripoff merchandizing that takes place in conjunction with such a production ($25 for kids t-shirts that say "Walk like a man" or "Big girls don't cry" [only $20 for onsies], $25 for CDs [either Jersey Boys or Four Seasons] that you can probably go to B&N and get for $15). She was wondering about the price point where lost sales overcome the increased price. E.g., if she could have given them a $20 bill, we'd have been singing along with the Four Seasons on the way home, but at $25 you take out the credit card and you note the overpricing enough to wait.

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