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New invention takes Hockey Skates to a new level

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I know there are some hockey fans around here who might find this interesting... Battery-powered skates, coming soon to a rink near you.

Through a friend I learned about a company that has developed a heated skate blade that is faster and easier to skate with. (In the interest of full disclosure, I've since invested in the company, but it isn't publicly traded and I don't stand to gain by discussing it). It's an interesting idea that is just beginning to go to production, and the company's new website includes a search for applicants willing to try out the new blades. Sorry, Canadians only, but if you know of anyone interested in signing up to be a "Spartan" for ThermaBlade, send them here.

There are some influential people who believe this will be part of the NHL in the near future (1-2 years??), and the company says that by reducing fatigue it could contribute to a safer NHL.

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