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Guys. I'm doing some house cleaning. I've had some old CCM tapes in boxes (for years) that I'm think'n of gett'n rid of. I don't want to just throw them away (feel too guilty for that) yet I never listen to them anymore. Think'n maybe the local Christian thrift shop? What should I do?


"God is so great and merciful that he does not require that we name him precisely. God is even willing to be anonymous for a time. Remember how God led the Three Wise Men from the East to Christ? The Wise Men did not know the God of Israel or Jesus. They worshipped the stars. So God used a star to lure them."--The Twelve Steps for Christians


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Anything rare or desirable? Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus? Plankton? That kind of stuff?

If you've got some RAIJ lying around, you need to hold onto it. Seriously... that stuff is almost impossible to find any more.

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Or Amy Grant. Pretty rare.

I've posted a couple hundred of my Soul Food Movies write-ups at letterboxd

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