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Dick Staub on the Super Bowl Halftime Show


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Can we please just lock up the Jackson family for good?

While we're at it, maybe we could lock up Justin Timberlake? tongue.gif

There is this difference between the growth of some human beings and that of others: in the one case it is a continuous dying, in the other a continuous resurrection. (George MacDonald, The Princess and Curdie)

Isn't narrative structure enough of an ideology for art? (Greg Wright)

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FOX Sports has a frame by frame breakdown of the debacle.

1. The costume clearly has snaps on the right cup of the bustier.

Gee, Justin--just what was supposed to happen when you yanked on it--a parachute?

2. Janet continues dancing for a brief time after her initial 'shock' of realizing her 'sun is shining' (inre: the sun shaped 'protector' she wore underneath the cup)

Hey, I'm suddenly 'accidentally' Amazonian in front of millions of people--goooooootta daaaance!

3. The line just before the 'incident': "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song."

Er...Justin, did you accidentally sing that, too?

The whole show was not only insipid but boring as well. Equally shocking was the fully, tastefully clad Beyonce...


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I intentionally missed the show and saw the "pasty" ( as they use to call them before strippers started going all the way; I read that somewhere) magnified on the Drudge report last night. The continuing weakness of the Superbowl has been these bombastic pre- and halftime shows (remember Bon Jovi leading in to the FIRST MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL OF THE SEASON!! WOW!).

I must say that, though indebted to Whitney Houston's rendition, Beyonce's performance was rather respectful (of the song) and pleasant. Heard it before starting to watch.

"During the contest trial, the Coleman team presented evidence of a further 6500 absentees that it felt deserved to be included under the process that had produced the prior 933 [submitted by Franken, rk]. The three judges finally defined what constituted a 'legal' absentee ballot. Countable ballots, for instance, had to contain the signature of the voter, complete registration information, and proper witness credentials.

But the panel only applied the standards going forward, severely reducing the universe of additional basentees the Coleman team could hope to have included. In the end, the three judges allowed about 350 additional absentees to be counted. The panel also did nothing about the hundreds, possibly thousands, of absentees that have already been legally included, yet are now 'illegal' according to the panel's own ex-post definition."

The Wall Street Journal editorial, April 18, 2009 concerning the Franken Coleman decision in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race of 2008.

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Tom Shales weighs in:


Jane Weaver of MSNBC reviews the ads:


Jane says "there were no embarassing [sic] candidates for the Super Bowl commercial hall of shame." What was she smoking? There were several.

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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