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A watercolour fragment ... redeemed and re-used.

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Around 1990, I made a watercolour painting of my wife Cindy, sitting in a Victorian chair, under which was a sort of paisley-patterned carpet. Next to her was an end table with an antique French lamp. I took the watercolour to work, to hang in my cubicle. One day Becky, a colleague, said that in the painting Cindy looked like she was on a flying carpet ... that the carpet appeared to be hovering off the ground a bit. Sure enough, she was right. I had used 2 different sets of perspective lines for the partially-visible wood floor and the edges of the carpet. Doh! The picture was ruined for me.

So, in a crude attempt to salvage the part of it that I liked best (the watercolour of my wife), I cut that part out with scissors and glued it (rubber cement?!) to a new oil-on-canvas background. The result may be seen below. I called it Our Lady of the Ionosphere. At the time, I was not at all sensitive to what my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters would have thought of the title. While I wasn't making any attempt to be irreverent, I certainly wasn't being too sensitive, either.


Doesn't she look serene, though?

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