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I'm in a band again, FINALLY!

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Yes, it is a strange name, Chrome Folk Barbeque.

We have not been together that long; we are so new that we don't even have a MySpace page yet!

Here are links to videos of some songs from our 1st and only gig so far:

I know we have a long way to go before we get to where we should be, but we're having fun anyhow! Feel free to critique.

(Oh yes, I am the one standing at right, in the blue shirt.)

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This was the opening song played by my band, Chrome Folk Bar-B-Q, at our gig exactly 3 weeks ago. It seems like just a few days ago. (I am at the far right, playing the yellow electric guitar.)

We usually play it even slower than this. The 3rd verse was written by our own Kathy K, as we found Mr. Holly's version not to contain enough verses.

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