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Chalamet is certainly capable of actual acting, so I assume it's Villeneuve's fault that he speaks every line here as if he's either drugged or just waking up from a deep sleep. Also most of the visual design looks pretty dull, though I can imagine the sandworm as shown here working well on the big screen. Overall, this trailer isn't exciting.

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I've had a difficult relationship, so to speak, with Herbert's novel. I've tried and failed multiple times over the years (decades, honestly) to make my way through Dune. I can't clearly pinpoint why, though -- whether it's the tone, the prose, the subject matter itself, the ideas, the characters, or something else. I've never read beyond the first quarter of the book. I'm not the most avid of sci-fi readers, but I sailed through Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Theodore Sturgeon's More than Human (to take just two examples) easily. I can't imagine giving Dune another try, unless Villeneuve's film somehow inspires me to do so.

Regarding the film, I'm very eager to see it because I generally enjoy science-fiction films, and also because I love Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049. I think it's about as good a complement to the original Blade Runner as one could possibly make. Having said that, I'm not crazy about any of the movies he made before 2049. Personally, I like the visuals in the trailer, but I get the feeling that the studio is marketing Dune as an action film, and, as I remarked to a sci-fi loving friend on Facebook the other day, I hope the film is more than just that.

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