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Big Rock Playlist

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The TV was on a commercial. The soundtrack was All Right Now. Every bar band has beat this song into the ground but hearing it on accident I thought wow!... That sounds good..... Paul Rogers can sing. .....

This is a slippery slope.........Is there a more un-PC rawk era? I need a guilty pleasure play list. Python boots, platform shoes, bell bottoms, Les Pauls, Marshalls!!

Hard Rock? Heavy Boogie? What is it. Who are their contemporaries? I am guessing the 68-74 era of British Rock. Cream, Humble Pie, the Jeff Beck Group. Led Zep? Were there Americans doing it too? Is James Gang in the group? Am I slinking into some kind of terrible Ted Nugent dark alley? There must be some other songs/bands lurking around that are worth hearing.

I need a play list that has to start with that song.

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If you like Paul Rogers how about his band before Bad Company, Free. Try "Fire and Water" or "Wishing Well." He really is one of rocks great vocalists.

Fun Fact: I used to live next to Paul Rogers manager.

Stealing! How could you? Haven't you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain whats-his-name.

- Homer

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