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"Love and Consequences"

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This came up a couple days ago and I didn't see anything pop up here so I was just curious as to any reactions to this or if anyone actually cared:

Author admits acclaimed memoir is fantasy

In "Love and Consequences," a critically acclaimed memoir published last week, Margaret B. Jones wrote about her life as a half-white, half-Native American girl growing up in South-Central Los Angeles as a foster child among gang-bangers, running drugs for the Bloods. The problem is that none of it is true.

Margaret B. Jones is a pseudonym for Margaret Seltzer, who is all white and grew up in the well-to-do Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley, with her biological family. She graduated from the Campbell Hall School, a private Episcopal day school in the North Hollywood neighborhood. She has never lived with a foster family, nor did she run drugs for any gang members. Nor did she graduate from the University of Oregon, as she had claimed.

Full Story Here...

It sure seems a shame that she wasn't up front to begin with and categorize it as fiction. Not only is her writing career probably over but what is apparently such a powerful story will now be covered in a cloud. I wonder what she was trying to accomplish with her subterfuge?

Too bad.

(Uh oh, I tried to save this four times and it never refreshed, but it looks like it actually did ... sorry.)

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The topic should be cleaned up now.

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