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Autumn in New York

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Autumn in New York




Richard Gere stars as a successful and complacent playboy who falls for a twenty-something Winona Ryder. It holds up for brutal scrutiny his idealized and self-satisfied lifestyle of unbudgeable bachelorhood, serial boyfriend-hood, thoughtless two-timing and "playing the field" (especially with women half his age). The film exposes how the weightier ramifications of infidelity and a lack of commitment almost always fall far more heavily upon the woman than the man, harming her permanently on both social and emotional levels, yet leaving him free to walk away to his next conquest.

The film does not ever once mention God or spirituality, but it does drive home the need for women to be protected from predatory men. It also insists that the best protection should ideally come from her own family. And yet on the man's sdie of the fence, it puts forth that the much-admired playboy life Gere has built for himself should be discarded by contemporary men and no longer strived for as their ultimately wish-fantasy. It instead advocates that men should seek to foster the virtue of self-control (although it never once used the word "virtue") and be more conscious of the vast, deep, and life-changing damage they are capable of inflicting on women through their own selfishness.



So now that you've told me all of this: why do you hold such a deep aversion to discussing angels?


Because I don't wanna get it WRONG! To stand up in front of my congregation--AND in front of God-- and screw it up! Do you hold much stock in that passage from James that says "We who teach will be judged more strictly"??


Yes... in fact .... I consider that one scripture to be an occupational hazard.

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