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Twenty Great Christian Rock Albums

Andy Whitman

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I miss my Swedish and Dutch friends, and I pray for them tonight. We had an alliance that was so strong, very loving, and full of grace and peace. I thank God for my time with them.

Thanks for noticing.

I enjoyed all three Miscellaneous albums (I definitely noticed the audio quirks of the third disc, but they did not overcome my enjoyment of the CD).

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I tried wading through the thread, but got ADD about halfway through. But how 'bout Pierce Pettis's Making Light of It?

Whoo-wee... I just met Pierce Pettis this past weekend, as he was a guest presenter at a Musician's Conference that I had attended, and we had long, good conversations about art while hanging at the Pizza Hut. The man is total integrity and talent, and I'm thrilled to have been introduced to his work.

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we had long, good conversations about art while hanging at the Pizza Hut.

We'd officially given up on Pizza Hut's pizza after a sad experience with its thin-crust pizza last year, but my wife, in the final weeks of her pregnancy, requested Pizza Hut pasta last week -- for her birthday dinner! -- and it wasn't bad at all.

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I look at the audio quirks as just part of the charm that is Moth And Rust. My only regret is that when I first wrote a review of it, I just didn't really understand the album and what it was doing. Now I get it.

One more reason why I can't review music or film anymore. The stuff that I loved ten years ago, eh, maybe it was OK. Some stuff though I completely missed the boat on, and now it's like, "Why didn't anybody catch on to this?"

But then there are the few and the proud that will always, always stand to the test of time. The Bends. Disintegration. Dummy.

Oh sorry, forgot we were on the Christian rock thread. I never really considered what the miscellaneous did as Christian anyway, unless you count every single thing every band member ever did as "Christian." That'd be a definition I might actually like.

I'm glad to have made a record that someone caught onto years later though. Most of the time when I reflect on that musical period in my life, I parallel my experience to a very good minor league baseball player that had a few appearances in the major leagues.

It's cool that in this one instance, it feels like I made something that someone woke up to.

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A couple of albums I would add to such a list:

Charlie Peacock, Lie Down in the Grass. I dug this out for the first time in years and rediscovered how great it was. I think this was Charlie's best work.

Also, the new album by a band called Reilly, Let June Decide. I discovered them at Cornerstone, and I really liked the way they incorporated a violin or two into a rock band. They remind me of Audiovisions/Vinyl Confessions-era Kansas.

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No White Horse or Fool's Wisdom? I think this list might reflect how hard it was to get hold of some of the really good stuff back in the day. I can't tell you how many weekends I spent surfing the bins at the Goodwill and all the used record stores in the University District before I found some of the '70s LPs I was after.

I just noticed that Malcolm & Alwyn's Fool's Wisdom was mentioned in this thread. Malcolm's son, Joel Wild, is in a group with his wife, and they were signed to Ardent records for a while. "Before You Breathe" is the name of their band. On their new CD, they did a cover of Fool's Wisdom. Joel, I think, listened to the string arrangement on the original track and programmed it for the new version, then sent me his mockup. I transcribed it and updated it a little, and we recorded it with a string quartet here in Nashville. You can listen to it on their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/beforeyoubreathe

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