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The Visitation with Sacred and Immaculate Hearts

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I finished this triptych a couple of weeks ago. I have been working on it since January. It is a commission from a young couple who are getting married this weekend. The painting is going to be processed down the aisle in the wedding procession and then set up by the altar.

They will then use the painting in their home shrine. This is the second commission I have had like this and it is a real blessing to be able to paint these kinds of paintings.

The subject is the Immaculate Heart of Mary with St. Joseph, St. Joan and St. John Evangelist, The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth and the Sacred Heart of Jesus with St. Patrick, St John of the Cross and St Therese of the Child Jesus.


For a bigger version go here and click on the individual panels.

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The central panel is amazing. I wonder what this all looks like in person. It already feels monumental onscreen.

Oh--my favorite aspect is how you made their normal suburban dresses shine like angel cloth.

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Everything that matters is invisible.

-- Robert Bresson

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I have returned to the triptych often since you posted it. I have also frequented your website. As much as I love the abstract, I am drawn towards art that finds an anchor in place. I love the landscape that exists in your paintings, even more, I really like the sense of striving towards community that runs through your works.

Was the Farm named after the Monk tune?

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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


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Was the Farm named after the Monk tune?

I did indeed name my farm, Brilliant Corners ArtFarm, after the Thelonious Monk tune. Monk is my favorite bebop musician and probably my favorite jazz musician in general. I have thought about the title Brilliant Corners a lot. I don't know what Monk was thinking but for me in thinking of a room with brilliant corners it seems like normally the corners are the darkest places in a room. So if the corners are brilliant the whole room must be super lit up. It makes me think of St. John admonishing us to walk in the light as Jesus is the light. For me that's what a good painting does, illuminates... helps us to know more clearly what it is to live as authentic human beings.

And thanks for the kind words about my work. I appreciate it.

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