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Guest Russell Lucas

I hate to complain about anything, and I'm so grateful for the work you do to keep this board running, Alan, but I don't really like this idea for a couple of reasons.

I think that at least a few of the topics you've listed have some lasting value (both for sentimental and referential reasons). Sometimes really good discussion-- discussion worth reading and re-reading-- comes out of topic that have been initially intended to be ephemeral. And sometimes a topic doesn't get posted to for a prolonged period of time, but by hanging around on the topic lists it prompts a reminder of something. For example, Rich's thread asking for prayer for his wife hasn't had any activity for a while, but seeing it still provokes the inquiry as to how she's doing. These things still have some value.

Are we running short on bandwidth for archives? Does keeping these around run more money than would otherwise be spent?

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